Hobart Miniature Car Club


Series information - 2022 running order
(To be confirmed)

Narrow Can Am Cars  (Early Cam Am and SCCA cars 55mm wide
Racer Sideways Group 5 Cars
2WD WRC Rally Cars
Single Seat Can Am Cars  (Rhys Bodies with Slot It HRS Chassis Small front wheels)
New Hand Out Car 
Cartrix GP cars with BWA Motor. (Not Porsche)
Aussie GT Series ( Podded GT cars)
Group A Touring Cars (Touring cars from the Group A period 54mm max width)
LMP Cars ( Sponge Tyres)
MRRC/ Revell Sebring type Chassis (with a 4 or 6 Cyl Sedan body up to 1972 48mm wide)
Fly Trucks
Historic Nascar (Revell Monogram Carrera)
Clubmans ( Lotus Super7 and Caterham Scalextric) Rally tracks
Fly Engined F1 cars from 1970 to 1979.