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Australian GT - Round 1


Racing summary – Shelmore Park (14/7/20)

Australian GT

The first race of a new series always creates an extra level of interest, and this one was no different.  The GT class certainly brought out a great range of cars when they were all lined up on the grid for the pre-race series photo shoot.  There were no real favourite models, and it was only the 3 AUDIs in the lineup that provided any replication of note.

The racing was quick & close and it was Phil who adapted fastest to the nippier cars to place first in his very nicely developed Viper on 108 laps.  Chris M drove one of the best looking cars of the series, the Aston Martin Vantage, to a great 2nd place on 107 laps.  Chris’s result might even have been a little better as well had it not been for a terrible windstorm that hit the top of the circuit during his stint.  This storm proceeded to pick up the tin roof off the marshalls hut, & send it whirling onto the track below just as Chris came barrelling around……and was brought to a very sharp stop by the result of smashing straight into it.  The resulting damage to the tin roof luckily not matched by any resulting damage to Chris’s guide !



  Another very nice looking car, Rhys’s lovely BMW M6, was also one of the best performed on the night & finished well clear up in 3rd place also on 107 laps.  Rhys’s consistent pace was very notable in that I couldn’t remember a single de-slot, or any other event worth mentioning during the whole of Rhys’s 4 stints. 

Adrian Gray & John Batich fought out a close battle for 4th & 5th on 105 laps, with Adrian taking the points in the Spyker C8, ahead of yours truly in 6th on 104, Callen in 7th on 103 & Dave Bantoft 8th on 101 laps. Rob Golley found the going slightly tougher in this series initially & finished level with Dave Gray on laps (100), but just ahead in the battle for 9th & 10th. Chris Priest had a tight run to finish 11th with 95 laps, ahead of Dennis Murray in 12th & on 94 laps.  Also, check out Rob Golleys "interesting" driving technique in slow mo on the videos page of his preferred line under the bridge.....I don't recommend trying this every lap Rob !

Bruce was next.  Now just a side note before continuing the summary.  At the taking of the series grid photo, Bruce playfully put his car on the grid all alone and 1 row ahead of the rest of the cars.  Some people jokingly said that it looked like there was a pace car in place instead of it being part of the actual grid.  I say “jokingly” because as we all know, the requirements for a car to be a pace car are what? 

Well….for a start, a pace car always drives with its lights on. A pace car is always a model of car that doesn’t look anything like one of the actual racing cars in field behind it,  & most importantly, a pace car for any racing series is always a car that is significantly slower than the actual racing cars on show…………Soooo, what does that mean exactly ?  Hmm, looks like that’s strike 3 on all counts for Bruce’s “pace car” coming in 13th on 84 laps !

Bruce was only followed by the very unlucky Tom Males, who’s first choice car was sadly deemed to be illegal for the series, and had to resort to the only car he had available to him in order to run on the evening.


Top 3 - Australian GT - Round 1

 1st - Phil Kalbfell, 2nd - Chris Madziara, 3rd - Rhys Filbee




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