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Australian GT - Round 2


Racing summary – Mornington Park (28/7/20)


Australian GT

The close racing in the first round of this series a couple of weeks ago seemed to indicate the prospect of a good competitive series.  That lasted all of 1 round & was blown apart in the 2nd round this week with the top two placegetters finishing 4 & 5 laps clear of the rest of the pack !  Phil’s very nice Viper took out the round on 129 laps, with Adrian in the Spyker close behind in 2nd on 128.  Both drivers edging well into the 3.9 lap times. To be fair though, once these two had been dealt with the rest of the racing was extremely tight & some good close racing was had by all.

Callan was the best of the rest on the evening & drove one of the double ended Audis into 3rd on 124 and also managed to escape the marshalls putting it back on facing the wrong way…..even though this error would have been completely understandable !  Rob G, in another Audi, drove quickly & very consistently with 41 laps (123 total) in each lane to pick up 4th.  Two of the better looking & presented cars of the series were next together on 122 laps each.  Chris M in the Aston Martin managed to pick up 5th though, with Rhys’s BMW in 6th.  Mal, in another slightly less well presented Aston was next in the line-up on 119 laps (7th) with John Batich 2 laps back in 8th on 117 & Bruce another 2 laps down in 9th on 115.  Chris Priest in the sometimes well-behaved Audi (?) made the top 10 on 110 with Dave Gray’s Corvette (108) ahead of the exotic Italian supercar (Pagani Zonda) of Dennis Murray in 12th on 104.  Tom had some significant problems in his first stint on lane 1, but the generosity of Chris M in loaning Tom his well prepared Viper for his other 2 stints meant that Tom saw a huge improvement in his lap number, which no doubt greatly improved his enjoyment of the night.

The entertainment for the evening hadn’t quite finished with the end of the racing though.  I think we were all held entranced with the sight of Rob Golley’s surgical precision in circumc…….er  ….I mean splitting a cocktail sav with a perfection that can only be earned with years of practice.  When queried, he provided even more hilarity with his explanation……

”you have to make sure it all gets in”……which had me thinking that we’d mistakenly ended up on the movie set of a

Motorsport team fundraiser…

ANYWAY….another dull night at the slots

See everyone next week a Phils….for a change

See you there,




Top 3 - 1st - Phil, 2nd - Adrian, 3rd - Callan


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