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Modern Australian GT - Round 4

Racing summary – Stratton Valley (18/8/20)

Australian GT

So, you all remember that kid at school in the playground who refused to play with everyone else? They usually had their own brand new toys that they never shared with anyone, and they always just went off into a corner and played their own games that didn’t involve anyone else. Well, sadly, we had one of these types at this weeks round of the Australian GT series. While the majority of drivers happily circulated in a very tightly bunched field, that saw a total of 4 laps separate 2nd down to 9th, Adrian Gray decided that he didn’t want to play the same game as the rest of us. Instead he decided to take his toy off by himself and drive around 4 (that’s FOUR) laps ahead of everyone in a rather unsporting display.  I guess this type of behaviour is to be expected from anyone driving a Dutch car!

Anyway, 89 laps, with regular laps in the mid 5 second range, was a great performance and took him to 1st by quite some margin. Not so easy to sort out were the next few places. Rhys, Bruce & Chris M all finished on 85 laps, and it was only the end of stint finishing positions that enabled Rhys to grab 2nd ahead of Bruce in 3rd. The unlucky Chris M finished 4th. Callen on 84 took 5th 1 lap clear of Phil in 6th (83) and Mal 1 more lap down in 7th on 82. Another group of 3 shared 81 laps in a mid-pack bottleneck. Rob won this mini battle for 8th from JB (9th) and Dave Bantoft in the top 10.

Dennis Murray on 75 slotted into 11th, 1 lap to the good of Chris P on 74, who was in turn 1 more lap clear of Dave Gray in 12th on 73 laps. Tom Males, while not the quickest on the night, certainly had a contender for the best looking car & livery with the Tony Quinn Darryl Lea Aston Martin a spectacular riot of colour in finishing on 61 laps for the round.

Top 3

1st – Adrian, 2nd – Rhys, 3rd – Bruce


*To see some great cornering action, check out the video page link.  Callen shows that his first one was not a fluke....and Adrian shows that he's not always as smooth as he looks


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