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Australian GT - Round 6

Australian GT

Racing summary – Shelmore Park (1/9/20)

 The penultimate round of this series and it saw some decisive moves made among the overall points table with 1 round to go.  JB produced his finest drive of the series so far to rack up 112 laps & take a well-deserved 1st place.  Which had most of us wondering what the hell has he been doing in the previous 5 rounds ?  He was 1 lap clear of Phil with 111 laps in 2nd in another solid drive, even though he had the handicap of driving around a heat pushing a couple of screws ahead of him (left behind by some inconsiderate git whose car was disintegrating & ditching screws at a disturbing rate).  Rhys, in his usual excellent 3rd place was 3 laps down on 108 laps, as was Callen, just missing out on the top 3 & finishing up in 4th.  Another 2 laps down the track (106) Adrian Gray took out 5th, however he was unlucky not to be at least 1 more lap to the good.  Sadly, he was the victim of some horrid marshalling by someone who hadn’t quite taken in the fact that he’d finished his stint on Red….and was now in a completely different lane.

Dave Bantoft & Bruce had a great battle for 6th & 7th & ended up both finishing on 105 laps, but DB took the honours with track position from Bruce.  Rob G came in 8th on 104, ahead of the inconsiderate git whose car was disintegrating & ditching screws, & who finished in 9th on 103 laps. Nick G struggled a little with a car obviously deliberately under-prepared by Rob but made it into the top 10 on 100 laps & Dave Gray only 1 lap back on 99.  Dave’s performances got better and better as the night wore on & his final heat total of 27 laps was up there with the best. JB had been working his magic on Tom Males car during the week & this work showed in the results as Toms car finished 12th out of 12 on a lap total of 90. Seriously though, the car was so much more competitive & looked very well controlled on the circuit even though as a Scaley car, it is considerably under-powered in comparison.

*As a post script, it is interesting how quickly we can go through a whole range of emotions during 1 single night of slot car racing.  It seemed that as soon as my first ever round win ever (did I mention ever?) was still sinking in & I was starting to feel some enjoyment from this result…..than this good feeling was wiped from my memory by, firstly a horrible piece of marshalling that left a very bitter taste in my mouth (yes, it was me). Then, after 2 very promising heats in the GT series, a car started disintegrating & ditching screws around the circuit & forced numerous re-starts completely sabotaging the rest of my round (yes, it was my car).

But, that’s the great thing about Slot cars….they are just a condensed reflection of life, and all you can do is either chuck it all in & never come back…..….or

See you all next week !

Top 3

1st -  JB, 2nd - Phil, 3rd - Rhys


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