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BTCC (Scalex) Round 5

Racing summary – Stratton Valley (29/9/20)



adjective: unprecedented:  never done or known before.


Such is the dictionary meaning of the word that has seen unprecedented use over the last 6 months! In fact, there’s been such a ridiculous overuse of this word that the entire definition of it should actually be changed.  There appears to be no event that is “unprecedented” anymore on the face of the planet……or so it seemed.  The first heat of the BTCC round 5 at JBs Stratton Valley had been run without a hitch and we were progressing as normal into the 2nd heat when it happened.  That’s right, amazingly something unprecedented actually happened.  It happened with a gradual realisation rather than a big bang.  Adrian noticed that his car seemed to be losing a little power each lap, but stoically he pushed on until it became increasingly obvious that something was actually wrong.

Track Break !

Yes, that’s right, a track break at JBs. So, after we all got over the shock of this unprecedented event, and it had been fixed, the round was re-started & we got down to business again. The restart didn’t seem to worry Phil or JB who battled it out for the top spot this week both registering 75 laps. Phils track position won him 1st place though & also racked up his 5th win in succession in this series, with JB grabbing a good 2nd place. It was another tight battle for 3rd this week with two of the MG drivers, Callan & myself, finishing on 74 laps.  Callan well ahead on track position though to grab that 3rd spot on the podium. Rhys finished all alone on 73 for 5th ahead of a group of 3 drivers battling it out on 72 laps. Bruce (proxied by Callan) grabbed 6th ahead of Rob G in 7th & Adrian in 8th. DB logged 69 laps to finish 9th & Chris Priest rounded out the top 10 with 67 laps. Dave Gray, 11th with 65 laps & Tomas Males 12th on 55 completed the driver line-up for this week.


 Top 3




1st - Phil, 2nd - JB, 3rd - Callan 

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