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Can Am - 1966 to 74

Round 2 - Shelmore Park ( 24/11/20)

Prior to the start of this weeks 2nd round of the Cam-Am series Phil was seen going around very purposefully with a small, thin metal rod in hand.  Which lead to a few very nervous looks from people I can tell you (including myself!). Once the small, thin metal rod had been deployed & the scrutineering had been completed I’m still not sure if I was any less nervous (I think the phrase “skin of your teeth” might have been appropriate in this case). However, onto the racing & it was certainly a much closer result this week.  As I accurately predicted in last weeks report, Robs improvement was marked & led to a very hard battle for the top spot this week.  I was rather fortunate to hold on by 1 lap this time on 111, with Rob only 1 lap down in 2nd on 110.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have had my short time on top of the perch! Phil drove very quickly and his final track position allowed him to claim 3rd spot from Adrian both only 1 lap further back on 109. Callen proxied the little Alfa for Adrian & drove it beautifully. One more lap back was Bruce on 108 & was quick enough to prove that the Slot-it Chaparral is very strong contender when driven well. Dave Bantoft continued his very good driving form of recent weeks & brought home the first of the brass chassis in 6th on 105. Chris Priest was another big improver, and his Porsche was as quick as any of the runners this week.  It was only an unlucky couple of de-slots that prevented him from figuring much higher up in the results than his 7th (104 laps). Unfortunately I had to take responsibility for assisting with one of these, the result of which saw Chris car end up on the floor…..sorry about that Chris! Callen ended up on the same lap number as Chris to finish 8th 2 laps clear of JB (9th) & Chris M (10th) on 102.  Chris’s little Thunderslot McLaren Elva was a lovely looking little car, and Chris had it running better & better as the heats progressed. Rhys ended up in 12th on 101, with Dave Gray (13th) on 96, Dennis Murray (14th) on 87 & Thomas Males (14th) on 72 laps to finish off a very competitive round.

Top 3

1st - Mal, 2nd - Rob, 3rd - Phil

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