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Racing Summary - Round1

Racing summary – Schumacher Park 21/1/20



In the first race of the mainly rally track based Clubman series, the downside of having these little (insert descriptive word of your choice here) running side by side on a circuit was somewhat obvious.  It also re-enforced some of the many challenges involved in marshalling this particular track.  Possibly the only track where marshalling 1/32 scale racing is actually as dangerous as marshalling 1/1 scale…..not from the risk of being hit by cars mind you, but from the risk of actual violence from drivers. 

It took home track knowledge, a well-balanced car, and avoiding as many offs as possible for Rhys to claim a well-deserved 1st place in this round.  Phil & Adrian finished in 2nd & 3rd and managed to overcome some of the aforementioned marshalling issues in their heat, by simply calling for a restart.  A tactic that fellow driver Rob Golley took very cheerfully, especially considering his subsequent  5th placing and finishing on the same laps as John Batich who drove well & up into 4th .  Dave Schofield triumphed in the battle of Daves this round putting together a very well driven group of heats with Dave Gray just pipping Sean Schofield. Who once again showed his promise with a controlled group of heats.  My steep learning curve continued this round, as I found out that the sudden absence of a guide during a race doesn’t allow for a great heat result.  This misfortune made worse by my rookie error of assuming that just because my guide was at the opposite side of the track to my car, my heat was done, and so I pulled the plug on my controller.  It was then pointed out to me that the guides in these cars just pop back in….and the braid system remains completely intact.  Mark Harrington & Dave Bantoft completed the line-up, although after a solid first stint Dave might well want to write the rest of this round off in this class.  A rather wide variation in Dave’s results from the two series.


 Top 3 finishers; Bottom - Rhys Filby, Center - Phil Kalbfell, Top - Adrian Gray

See everyone next week at the beautiful Stratton Valley (JBs)  for more F1 & the return of the LMP cars.


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