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Racing Summary - Round 2

Clubman Rally

The popularity of Phils venue at Shelmore Park was immediately obvious even upon entering the car park. In fact a full-time parking attendant might not go astray next time if this success continues.  Their duties could even involve perhaps turning away questionable or undesirable vehicles…..anything with a Holden badge for instance……or vehicles purchased for $200……….

Anyway, the sheer number of drivers promised a great evenings entertainment, and knowing that any track at this venue is historically completely safe from those dreaded track breaks, the drivers all looked forward to laying down some practice laps.  Early participants in the Clubman practice on the Rally Stage were brought to an early halt though as a number of cars mysteriously came to a stop at an identical part of the track.  A number of the most obvious causes were examined…faulty braids, faulty controller, faulty engine, faulty drivers, fawlty towers…..until someone radically suggested that it might possibly be prudent to check for a track break……this suggestion was immediately dismissed as being ridiculous, as “this hardly ever happens”.  Once the track break had been fixed & practice was able to conclude the real timed stages were able to proceed.  One Rally stage, & one stage on the twisty , very scenic hillclimb circuit makes for a very arduous & testing couple of stages of this round. 

The format of the two stages being held part on two circuits made it a little difficult for the reporter to get much of an idea of how each driver fared, so I will have to rely on a summary of the results for this report:

Phil, unsurprisingly quick on both of his tracks, took the combined win from Callan who put together two very good stages, and Adrian Gray in a good third despite the disadvantage of driving without a guide connection at the very top of the hillclimb at one stage !  JB drove into 4th on the back of a brilliant fastest time on the rally stage ahead of the nautically minded Nick Golley in the top 5.  Callan proxied for Bruce into 6th , a massive 0.022 ahead of myself in 7th….seriously, how do you even measure that ! Rob, Rhys, Dave Schofield & Chris filled the next 4 spots all within 10 seconds of one another followed by Mark H, Dennis & Dave Gray.

Peter then just pipped Sean Schofield by about 0.05 of a second, good to see Sean back for a go at the Rally, along with a welcome appearance for a rally drive from Tom Males to round the out the huge 17 driver field.



 Top 3:  Phil, Callan, Adrian

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