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Clubman - Round 5


Racing summary – Shelmore Park (7/7/20)

Caterham Rally

SO…..we had a short break from racing during which nothing much happened around the world, (although I am a little suspicious that something was going on there for a while….as my drive time to work was cut in half, all my annoying work colleagues seemed to disappear….and there were no bogans in the Hobart mall for what seemed like days!).  Anyway, we were finally allowed to congregate again in groups of more than 1 & thus begin the slow, painful process back and almost having to re-learn long forgotten skills………such as the ability to talk to humans without clicking on a Zoom icon first.

Keeping this lack of practice in mind, it was always going to be tough going for the first drive back,  and so it was a relief to all and sundry that Phil had very generously scheduled one of the easier cars & tracks to drive for our first class of the evening…………no…..…wait, that’s not right is it?  In fact, what he had scheduled was these horrid little beasties (Clubmans) on one tough rally stage & one impossible hillclimb stage!

I’m not sure if there were any clear stages on either of these tracks, although from what I managed to see, Phil came very close on the hillclimb with his usual very tidy drive.  Home ground advantage proved decisive this week & Phil was far too good for all-comers.  Filling the minor placings were myself in 2nd (mainly due to not coming off as much as usual), and the always consistent John Batich in 3rd.  Chris Madziara came in 4th, just out of the top 3, closely followed by Dave Schofield with a couple of very good drives.  Dennis slotted into 6th showing that his gloomy predictions beforehand didn’t show in his results.  Rhys & Dave Gray had a close tussle for 7th & 8th, and Chris Priest finished ahead to Thomas Males to round out the top 10 for the class.

Top 3

  •  1st - Phil - 391.407 (time)
  •  2nd - Mal - 414.729
  •  3rd - John B - 417.749


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