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Racing Summary - Round 1


Racing summary – Mornington Park 16/1/20

F1 1970-79


The first race night of the New Year at Dave Grays (always) immaculately presented track & shed highlighted many things.  Not least of which is that some people (myself included) obviously spent more time over the Christmas break eating, drinking & basically doing anything other than preparing cars!  The first series of the year to race was the wonderfully nimble & well-handled little Fly F1 cars from the 1970-79 era…….or as they are also widely known, “those ****ing little sh!ts !”

Ironically the driver whose distaste for anything with open wheels is well known, Rob Golley, drove remarkably well and consistently enough to take out the round.  Methinks he doth protest too much!  Filling the podium were the Thomas’s.  Callen, who looked like he had a very hard Christmas break, and had turned rather grey with substantial hair loss, took second.  Bruce, who always looks like that, rounded out the top three.  Phil & Rhys drove well to finish in the top 5 ahead of a group of 3 very close finishers on the same lap.  Chris’s performance was especially notable for his ability to keep circulating seemingly unfazed by major carnage going on around him during his stint.  Good to see that his enforced layoff from racing during 2019 hasn’t had any long-term impact on his driving!

Of the tribe of Dave’s competing, Dave Gray was in a class of his own finishing on the same laps as Chris, and the always reliable, but somewhat hairier, John Batich.  Dennis again did the Northern based contingent proud & held his own very well to finish above Adrian Gray, who struggled with matching his high driving ability with a car that certainly didn’t appear to be of his usual standard of car preparation.  Unlike myself, whose limited driving ability was perfectly matched by my usual standard of car preparation!

Dave Bantoft won the second division of the Dave series ahead of Dave Schofield & Dave Jenkins.  Great to see you both back, hope to see the plethora of Dave’s continue in future rounds.  Breaking up the Dave’s was the final Northern driver for the evening.  Leon obviously loves this series, and was overheard offering his car for sale to anyone who’d buy it…..or threatening to throw it against the nearest of Dave Grays immaculate walls.


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