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 Racing Summary - Round 2

Racing summary – Schumacher Park 21/1/20

F1 1970-79

The Fly F1 series moved on this week to the trendy, inner city location of Rhys’s Schumacher Park.  Despite the obviously left leaning suburban location complete with electric vehicle accessory, you won’t find any anti cable car signs festooned over any part of Rhys’s place!  However, there are some troubling signs of green tendencies when you take a closer look at the Schumacher Park layout. The infestation of trees surrounding this track has drawn comparisons with the original “green hell”, the Nürburgring Nordschleife……...when viewed through the wrong end of a very long telescope !

In any event the setting did seem somewhat appropriate for cars of this era, and actually once decent grip was laid down, they performed quite well without anywhere near the devastation involved in the previous round.  Dave Bantoft rocketed up the results sheet to #1 with a hugely improved & consistent drive a clear two laps clear of 2nd place Rob Golley.  Rob continued his good showing from Round 1, even demonstrating his superiority by electing to not bother running all four wheels for some of his heat.  Which got some to wondering if he might be running the following recently released vehicle in the next round….

Phil then helped to balance out the average wheel allocation with a 3rd place finish in his six wheeler.  Perhaps he could lend one or two wheels to Rob next week!  Adrian enjoyed a much better handling car this round & showed his speed to finish just ahead of hometown hero Rhys on the same laps.  Yours truly fiddled with his car during the week, and amazingly for once, didn’t make it worse.  This allowed for much additional enjoyment and a 6th place finish.  Dave Schofield again improved & showed that it won’t take much for him to be pushing well into the top bracket.  He finished ahead of a group of three drivers all on the same lap.  JB, Dave Gray & occasional fly in MG contracted driver, Mark Harrington.  Sean Schofield improved with every stint and handled this very difficult car & track combination well, with three very consistent drives.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s climbing the results rapidly.


Top 3 finishers.  Top - Dave Bantoft, Middle - Rob Golley, Bottom - Phil Kalbfell 

*Apologies Dave for the order of this photo, I was too concerned about hiding Robs missing wheel !


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