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F1 70-79 - Round 3

 Racing Summary - Round 3


Racing summary – Stratton Valley (28/1/20)

F1 1970-79

Racing this week moved onto JBs, and the stark contrast between this week & last (Rhys’s) could not be more obvious.  John obviously employed the clear-fell option when designing his track & his token small copse of trees are set in a small corner of the track & well away from any racing line. Otherwise, it is a stunningly prepared track, totally dedicated to good racing and comes along with its usual & refreshing lack of track breaks.  Might pay to enjoy this memory over the coming week.

To quote the Two Ronnie’s, it was a packed program tonight with drivers coming from far & wide, some even further north than Oatlands.  Highlighted by the guest appearance of an actual mainlander with Peter Pickering returning this year despite the best attempts of some in frightening him off last year.

The 1970-79 F1 cars were first on track this round.  NOT necessarily Fly F1 as I was reminded, however, whatever the case, this series is proving to be a very closely fought & unpredictable one with three separate winners in the first three rounds so far. This round was well taken out by Bruce, closely followed 1 lap down by Phil, with another 6 wheels on the podium, & a great drive from Dennis 1 lap back as well to make it into the top 3.  

The next grouping of drivers showed exactly how close the racing was, with a run of drivers on the same laps.  Chris in 4th & Adrian in 5th on 74, Callen & JB on 73 and Rhys & myself on 72.  Rob then beat home the Dave’s (Gray & Bantoft), again with only 2 laps between them, and then another group of 2 on the same lap.  Our interstate visitor Peter, & the 3rd of the Northerners, Leon, both on 59 laps.  Leon pushed the flexibility of the scrutineers somewhat by running a lovely looking Policar March 701.  A car that Jackie Stewart described as "the most difficult F1 car I drove".  It looks like Policar have even managed to incorporate the 1:1 cars handling in their 1:32 model Leon.  Although, it certainly did seem to handle better than Dave Schofields did this week, whose car seemed to have an aversion to going around corners at all


 Top 3: 1st - Bruce (center), 2nd - Phil (bottom), 3rd - Dennis (Top)


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