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Racing Summary - Round 4


Racing summary – Gotham Park (4/2/20)

F1 1970-79

As indicated by the picture, this weeks racing was the first visit to Bruce’s Batcave for the year.  Sadly it was only the Gotham Park layout that was in use, mainly due to the fact that the Bat Florio Targa stage was stuffed.

Early arrivals were greeted by the sight of a beaming Bruce who was claiming to all & sundry that he’d solved low power issues on some of the lanes by having given the tape a decent cleaning…….Ahh, the old over confidence.  In fact, the early signs were undoubtedly excellent, and once some people had actually dialled their controllers up to the correct level when testing, the cars seemed to nip around very well on all lanes.  All this pointed to the prospect of some great racing.

In the F1 series there certainly was.  Bruce took out his second round in a row & had the Brabham flying around for 105 laps.  Phil again bridesmaid in 2nd, edged out Callan, both running very fast & reliably.  The top 3 were some margin clear of a well performed Dave Bantoft in 4th place on 98 laps.  Dave has been a model of consistency in this series so far with his placings being; 12th, 1st, 12th & 4th…….no, wait, consistent is not the word I’m looking for here is it Dave?

Adrian Gray (well proxyed by Callan ), followed very close with a 5th placing (on same lap as DB), ahead of Rhys & myself on 97, Rob Golley on 96 & John Batich on 94.  The ever improving Dave Schofield (90 laps) slotted in ahead of part time driver Mark Harrington on 88, Dave Gray on 84 & Peter Pickering driving the lovely looking limited edition Fly March 761 on 75.


Top 3:  Bruce (middle), Phil (right), Callan (Left).


Oh yes, one other little incident of note occurred toward the later heats of this round.  Having safely finished his block of 4, Rob Golley piped up  (with less than 3 heats to go) with a light hearted comment that brought titters of amusement from all and sundry……the exchange went something like this :


So, as a relative newcomer, I gathered from this reaction, if there were indeed such a thing as the Ten Commandments of Slot Car racing…….pretty high up on the list, if not number 1, would be:



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