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Racing Summary - Round 6

Racing summary – Stratton Valley (25/2/20)

F1 1970-79

Racing this week was re-scheduled to the lovely Stratton Valley in preference to Rhys’s Schumacher Park due to some safety concerns over running the LMP cars at Rhys’s notoriously destructive track.  We’ll get to the wiseness  of that decision later.  In the first series of the night, the F1s, the shenanigans & gamesmanship started right from the first heat.  John Batichs “accidental” dropping of his tyre rag on the front of Bruces car & his subsequent “cleaning” of the track on Bruces lane right before the start had Bruce protesting loudly to anyone who would listen about the unfairness of JBs actions.

And right from the start it was plainly obvious that Bruce’s worst fears were well founded, after just 1 lap of the heat Bruce only lead by half a lap and it looked as if JBs nefarious scheme had well & truly succeeded.  Bruce continued to struggle around as best he could but in the end could only manage a paltry 26 laps in this heat, a mere 4 laps clear of JB & only 8 clear of Peter Pickering.  All our sympathies were with you Bruce.

Anyway, the rest of the evenings racing in this class proved mostly uneventful, but still as close as usual and in the final results it was Phil (81 laps) who took the win from the unlucky Bruce Thomas (79). Callen Thomas, despite the handicap of having been married & being on his Honeymoon in the USA, managed an impressive 3rd place with 77 laps.  Adrian Gray slotted into 4th on 73 after having some handling difficulties and a very impressive drive from Dave Schofield got him a close 5th, 1 lap behind after 3 very consistent heats. Despite finishing on the same lap as Dave, I was never really in the hunt to challenge his placing either, and the forlorn sight of a front wheel being dragged around on my car at a nasty angle looked rather worse than it actually was.

JB, Rhys & Rob Golley followed closely on 71, 70 & 70 laps with Nick Golley & Dave Gray next both on 68.  Peter on his final interstate venture before heading back to SA finished the field on 57 & must be looking forward to getting back to the world of long straights & longer corners !


 Top 3:  1st - Phil (Middle), 2nd - Bruce (Left), 3rd - Callen (Right)


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