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Fly GT - Round 1 (AD)


Racing summary – Shelmore Park (7/7/20)

Fly Sports GT

Given that the series racing for this class had only just begun in the two weeks prior to everything going pear shaped, a full democratic process was undertaken & the decision was made to restart the series…..I.e.:  Phil told us that’s what was happening.  So to the racing, and it became blatantly obvious that most of us had not used our long break for the purposes of extensive practice.  Some of the skill level on display would be nicely described as “rusty”, and this was just the marshalling!

During the heats there was the usual mixture of results & incidents that we come to expect from each night of racing.  Phil’s car was fast, John Batich’s was consistent (mostly) and Dave Gray’s was smooth as silk.  There were also some rather more unusual sights on the night. Not least of which was Chris M losing wheels during his heat….not once, but twice, on 2 separate cars!  Given Chris’s usual very high standard of car prep, this event was bordering on unbelievable.  The other incident of note actually occurred during practice for this series.  Dave Bantoft, obviously not fancying his chances of success for some reason, decided that he’d better do something drastic before the racing begun……and so attempted to burn the track down.

In actual fact, as we will see in the results, his pessimism was ill-founded.  In first, and an absolute surprise result, or not, was Phil (well clear), from a very well performed Dave Bantoft in 2nd.  Another 2 laps back & in 3rd was yours truly in a very lucky result, just managing to get there from another two drivers on the same lap, Dennis in 4th & Rhys (5th).  Some very close results there.  JB, another 1 lap back was alone in 6th & then Chris P & Bruce with another same lap result in 7th & 8th.  Dave Gray finished well clear in 9th, as did Dave Schofield in the top 10.  The unlucky Chris M squeezed into 11th ahead of Tom Males.

Top 3 (apologies for being completely un-organised & not having the usual top 3 photos this week....also not helped by the fact that our 2nd place getter Dave Bantoft was out the door & gone almost before the cars came to halt in the last heat !

  • 1st -  Phil - 101 laps
  • 2nd - Dave B - 96 laps
  • 3rd - Mal - 94 laps


Results – Fly Sports


New series starting next week, Australian GT Series.



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