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Fly Sports GT 1964-71 Series

Racing Summary - Round 1 (BC - Before Corona)

Racing – Schumacher Park (3/3/20)

Fly Sports GT

The excitement of a new series was in the air and what a wonderful series it promised to be.  With the field all lined on the track prior to the start we could see what a great range of cars there were on show, from one of the great eras in sports car racing.  The fact that this class is obviously based on a very tightly controlled set of rules (which can be read on the website at this location) & is a one chassis class, also adds to the prospect of some very close racing in the upcoming rounds.

The racing was indeed close, and the cars in general seemed to flash around very nicely on Rhys’s track even given the proximity of trees, rocks, Daleks & Easter Island statues.  The top three  placings couldn’t have been driving more different cars if they’d tried.  Adrian Grays Ferrari 512, one of many in the field, screamed around & took the win on 83 laps from Phils compact little Porsche 908, with its short wheelbase ideally suited to this track , a lap behind on 82.  Bruce took things to the other extreme with a car that was perfectly suited to Le Mans , the long tail Porsche 908.  However this handicap seemed to make little difference to it, and Bruce managed a good 3rd with 81 laps.  Another from the Thomas Porsche stable was Callens choice (driven by Bruce) into 4th.

Just on this, I must pass comment on some of the racing that went on between Phil & Bruce during one of their heats on the night.  This is meant usually to be a pretty tongue in cheek summary of the nights racing, but in all seriousness some of the racing on display between these two for the best part of an entire heat was some of the best, closest & incident free racing I’ve seen.  It was great to watch….but as a marshall…it was slightly dangerous.  I have to admit I found myself car watching for most of this, and I can only thank the 3rd driver in this heat for not coming off anywhere near me!

Rob Golleys extremely quick (in a straight line) car was 5th on 77 and will benefit from some of the more open tracks, then myself in another 512 somehow slotting in only a lap down on Rob (76).  Chris Priest with yet another very rapid Ferrari was another lap back on 75, and it was only a couple of untimely offs that prevented him finishing a few places further up the rung….his will be a car to watch over the series. Rhys Filbee continued the Ferrari domination with 74, before JB (73) and the very nicely presented Lola T70 finally broke the run of prancing horses.

It was Ferrari again though next with Dave Schofield, who finished on the same lap as JB, and 1 lap ahead of ahead of Dave Bantoft in something different for a change, the very nice Ford GT (I think ?...or is it a MKIV ?).  Sean piloted another Ferrari around well for 64 laps, and just pipped Dave Gray who had another controller misfortune during his stint which contributed to lower than usual result. Tom Males in his lovely looking 908 slotted in next followed by Mark Harrington who rounded out the excellent field this week........despite the added assistance of hitching a ride on the front of my car at one stage.  I was only too happy to help him along, but sadly the car just refused to stay there & fell off quite quickly.  Unkind onlookers were heard to compare my car to a bulldozer for some reason ???



 Top 3: Adrian (left), Phil (Middle, Bruce (Right)

*although, some (who shall remain nameless) seemed to this that this picture (below) might be more accurate.....I know nothing !




Bruce’s Batcave (Gotham Park) next week……maybe depending on the outcome of a certain CAMS investigation going his way and (possibly) the outcome of some series scrutineering as well……........Dave.

See you there,


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