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Racing Summary - Round 2 (BC - Before Corona)

Fly Sports GT - Shelmore Park (17/3/20)

Once again this class proved a competitive & closely run one with some great racing.  The highlight of the night for me was the appearance of Callans little Chevron which blasted round the track seemingly right on the ragged edge, but still quick enough to slot into third behind Adrian (first), and a great drive from Rob who pushed up into second.  In the next batch of 4, all on 98 laps, Chris Priest (as predicted) didn’t take long to soar up the results in his very quick Ferrari 512 & finished in 4th ahead of Nick G, JB & Bruce.  One lap back on 97 was Rhys, and a commendable effort it was given certain circumstances.  I must admit I was quite surprised when marshalling Rhys’s car after one off that when I put it back on, it stayed quite still rather than the traditional immediate take-off.  Even more surprising was when I glanced up at Rhys to see what he was doing, he appeared to be still driving with great concentration & following a car around the track……only problem was….it wasn’t his car he was “driving” !  His attention sadly had to be re-directed to the stationary car on the very corner in front of his eyes.

Despite this humerous interlude Rhys was still able to finish up in 8th place & a good 3 laps clear of myself on 94, the unfortunate Phil on 89 & Dave Gray on 88.  Dave Schofield proxied very well for Sean to get in 86 laps & then Mark H, Tom Males & Dave Schofield himself finished off the field.



 Top 3:  Adrian Gray, Rob Golley, Callan Thomas


Stop Press!!!:  Racing has been suspended for a short while due to something or other.  To be re-evaluated after Easter


So, given this amazing window of spare time we all have in our lives for the next few weeks, I thought I'd make a few suggestions of what we can all do in the usual Tuesday evening time-slot. (all other suggestions welcome...I may put them up on a seperate page if we get enough !)


·         Work on cars (an obvious one, but one that some of us certainly need to do rather more of than others. (everyone !)

·         Check track for breaks……..YKWYA (you know who you are)

·         Braid Track to prevent all future track breaks !…………..(Bruce)

 ·         Investigate shed to find routed track currently in storage (Callan, Mal)

·         Clean out shed to make room for routed track currently in storage (Callan, Mal)

·         Re-assemble routed track currently in storage for use ! (Callan, Mal)

·         Memorise make, colour, model & number of own slot car - Rhys

·         Teach son how to work on & tune his own car - (Rob G)


Oh yes, and one more thing......



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