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Racing summary – Shelmore Park (21/7/20)

Fly Sports GT

Well, to quote an old Meatloaf song, “2 out of 3 ‘aint bad” (and for those people born before about 1965, you might want to Google “Meatloaf….singer”). Anyway, in Phil’s case this week it was actually more like “3 out of 3 ‘aint bad”, or even “3 out of 3 is ruddy excellent”. In racking up his 3rd (106 laps) win of the night in the Fly GT series round 3, Phil made it a clean sweep and left the rest of us to fight amongst ourselves for the scraps leftover, or commonly known as the minor placings.

Adrian got to take the best of the scraps and a clear 2nd placing only a lap back on 105, which was another 2 laps clear of the very well performed car of Rob Golley on 103. In the two rounds he has participated in so far Rob has shown great form and that he has the potential to push well up the standings by the time we get to the pointy end of the series.

JB also drove well and managed to avoid a mid-pack logjam by 1 lap to finish in 4th on 99. The prize for the most popular lap number for the evening was awarded to the number 98.  This was shared by no less than 4 drivers and it was only the final finishing location that separated these drivers filling places 5th to 8th.  I was lucky enough to have the benefit of some great marshalling from Adrian, who despite me initially yelling out “Blu……..errrr !” when I had an off, decided to completely ignore me and correctly put me back on green. So it was yours truly in 5th ahead of a gaggle of drivers also on 98 laps, with Rhys, Callan & DB filling positions 6th, 7th & 8th.

Bruce didn’t like the number 98 at all, and so made sure that he was well clear of it another 3 laps back on 95 ahead of Chris P in 10th on 93. Tom Males brought his car home in 11th with 84 laps, and in 12th a very unlucky Dave Gray who inconceivably had a fair few car problems during his stint on lane 2.

Results – Fly Sports


Top 3 - 1st - Phil, 2nd - Adrian, 3rd - Rob


Looking forward to returning to Dave’s Mornington Park track for next week!




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