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Racing summary – Mornington Park (28/7/20)

Fly Sports GT

In a refreshing change for the racing tonight, we had the exciting prospect of a change of venue for the first time since the return.  Not that Phil’s isn’t a brilliant track, it is, but Dave Grays venue offers a completely different variety of challenges to the driver & car and often brings about some different results to those on the longer circuits. One thing the venue change did highlight was that Rob Golley has a car that is very well suited to most tracks, and this was proved by him jumping up into the top spot for the night on 121 laps.

In a David vs Goliath performance (or so Callan would have you believe), his “little Porsche” (with an extremely long tail mind you) also handled the tight track very well & took out a strong 2nd, only just behind Rob (same lap) and ahead of most of the other “Big Bangers” (Ferraris & Lolas etc). Another very tight battle for 3rd saw Chris M take out the last podium place ahead of Phil (4th) both finishing on 120 laps apiece. The top 5 grouping was completed by Adrian on 119 laps & then there was quite a stretch back to the next group headed by Rhys in 6th on 115 laps , JB (7th) on 112 & then the Dave Bantoft, Bruce Thomas pairing in 8th & 9th on 111 laps each.

Heading the next bracket (or should that be racket ?) was myself just slotting “quietly” into the top 10 on 109 laps.  When I say “quietly”…..what I actually mean to say is that my car was making a din of such epic proportions that we will be allocating the following equipment as standard in all future rounds of this series…..

This equipment of course has the added bonus of cutting out all peripheral & completely unnecessary vocal chatter as well and would be a step in the right direction toward a completely silent driving experience.  The next step might look something like this…..

Dennis managed to fight through the noise created by my vehicle though and still managed 11th with 108 laps, ahead of Chris P (12th) on 106, Dave Gray (13th) on 99 & Tom Males in 14th on 91 laps.




1st - Rob G, 2nd - Callan, 3rd - Chris M


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