Hobart Miniature Car Club


Grand Am Series - 2021

Mornington Park  - 29/6/21

Round 1 - Summary of Racing

The first round of a new series always brings with it some degree of excitement & anticipation…….interestingly there was none of that this week for the first round of the Grand-Am cars. The gradual weekly improvement of the slot-it DTM cars has brought them up to a point in round 4 where most of them are quite good to drive…….well, apart from a couple of very notable exceptions, with the Grand-Am cars it was like turning the clock back about 10 rounds in both development & handling. The results & lap count certainly bore that out in comparison. Technically, these cars “should” be as quick as stink, and certainly quicker than DTMs, however only 1 performer this evening showed the form & pace that this class should be able to deliver.

Phil was quite literally in a class of his own, flying around the track to churn out 128 laps and to take out 1st place by a small matter of 9 laps!. Rob Golley & Adrian Gray were the best of the rest totalling 119 laps apiece, with Rob just pipping Adrian to take that 2nd place in the top 3. Rhys also drove well to jump into 4th on 118 laps, and for all his pre-race doom & gloom, Dave Bantoft ended up very well up the results in 5th on 116 laps. To quote DB - “ I don’t like this series, so I won’t bother trying”……or words to that effect.

The very nicely performing car of Chris Priest was next in 6th just 1 further lap back on 115, and quietly went about its business with a minimum of fuss…or sliding back ends. In 7th spot, another close result for the evening involving my own car & John Batich on 113 laps each. Ans yet again they couldn’t be separated & so a tied result was declared. Dave Gray drove the front engine Viper in a battle of David vs the Goliaths and drove very nicely for 9th on 102 laps, ahead of Leigh Stephens in 10th on 100, Dave Schofield (11th) on 99 & Thomas Males in the best looking car of the entire field in 12th on 92 laps.

Some significant development required for some of us !

Top 3

1st – Phil

2nd – Rob

3rd - Adrian