Hobart Miniature Car Club


  1. Group C Touring cars 1979 – 84. 

- Resin/plastic bodies, Scalex chassis - standard XB/XC length and width max, Black stripe S-can and/or equivalent inline motor

This was the series brief as provided by Callan in his nomination.

Recently there has been a very interesting build posted on the AusSlot forums that I thought was relevant enough to link in here, just to see what can be done quite quickly with a 3d printed Body.........

The builder question (Pat in NZ) also printed his own chassis, but did say that the wheelbase & track is very close to the Scaley XB chassis anyway.

They run a 18k motor in their series, so his has a Pioneer motor installed as a Sidewinder as pictured. All in all a very nice result....Check out the build below: (thanks to Pat ( Capri-corn7) for allowing posting of his photos on this site). More detailed discussion of the build can be found on the AusSlot forums under the Ford falcon XD - Tru-Blu thread.