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LMP - Round 2

Racing Summary - Round 2


Racing summary – Stratton Valley (28/1/20)


The sheer numbers of drivers involved this week led to the unusual sight of a line-up of people waiting to run a few test laps before the LMP racing started.  At one stage there were 3 cars attempting to push a very stubborn keyboard (and Phil’s hand!) out of the way so that practice could commence.  The line also proceeded out the door providing much hilarity for Bruce who was stationed on a seat just outside.  His rather patronising comments to anyone who was in the line, gave the impression that it was a waste of time anyone bothering to run test laps.   

Annoyingly, he backed up this attitude by blasting consistently around the track at a great rate & took out the win in a very close finish (on the same laps) from an even quicker (with a 5.3 fastest lap) Adrian Gray.  Phil’s form held up again to finish clear in 3rd in his brightly coloured MAZDA…….although his progress was somewhat stunted at one stage by his car being placed back on the track after an off…..facing the wrong direction.  The Marshall in question shall remain nameless, mainly because Marshalls in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but Leon did happen to say that he “might” have been offered a sum of money before the racing began for some reason.

Callen was back to his destructive best (literally !) in 4th & leaving body parts strewn around the floor at one stage.  On the same lap & in 5th ,  Chris stuck to the don’t come off & destroy anything policy.  This time round I managed to get one up on Rhys & finish 6th & then came another group of very close finishers led by Dennis closely followed by Dave Bantoft, Rob & JB all within a lap of each other.  Leon had good run with the lovely Porsche GT1 to finish next & then Dave Schofield, Dave Gray & Peter Pickering rounded up the drivers in this class for the night.


Top 3:  1st - Bruce (center), 2nd - Adrian (bottom), 3rd - Phil (Top)


The Batcave (Bruces) next week……




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