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Racing Summary - Round 3


Racing summary – Gotham Park (4/2/20)



Keeping in mind the interaction regarding track breaks (or lack of them) toward the end of the previous series heats, it was therefore no surprise to anyone that indeed the LMP series was somewhat plagued by a series of track breaks.....mostly in the same heat……mostly in the same section of track…..and mostly involving one car (bad night hey Rhys ?).  Once Rob had been roundly & very vocally chastised for him bringing this poor fortune upon us, Bruce fixed the break/s & normal service was resumed.

And very quick service it was involving these cars too.  Callen Thomas took the win this time round, on 122 laps, proving that his automatic ejecting rear wing might catch on as a trend.  Bruce Thomas on 121 took a close 2nd from Adrian Thomas on 120 laps….oh, sorry, Adrian GRAY….just being driven by Callan Thomas ! A loooong way behind these top 3 & in 4th was the Gold Porsche GT1 of mine on 113 laps, Rhys on 110, Dave Bantoft (106) & another good result from Dave Schofield on 103.  Dave just pipped John Batich, also on 103 laps, even though JB may have seen himself as the victim of a bit of a nudge from a certain gold Porsche GT1 at the end of the main straight at one stage……”I never touched ‘im your honour…honest”

Rob Golley 2 laps back (103), Dave Gray (94) & Peter on 82 rounded up the drivers for the night. Wait!, hang on…...oh, waaay down there ??  Well, hold the (Mercury) press, it appears I might have overlooked our final finisher for the night. Down there on a miserable 44 laps was the mostly guideless Phil Kalbfell.  Proving that even the best can suffer from mechanical faults from time to time.


 Top 3:  Callan (Middle), Bruce (Left), Adrian (Right).


Shelmore Park (Phils) for a Rally & Track stage next week. Caterhams, can’t wait…..



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