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Racing Summary - Round 4


It was obvious that the LMP cars were going to set a rapid pace very early on in the round this week.  It was probably about halfway through the first heat that it became clear that the minimum lap time had been set rather too high….when Adrian Gray, having just lapped me for the 2nd time, glanced at the leaderboard to find himself a couple of laps down !  One of those times when you’re penalised for going too fast !  Minimum lap time reset, the racing continued, and despite Adrians blistering lap times it was Phils perfectly consistent 4 heats of 30 laps that took the win by a couple from Callan Thomas.  Callan’s premature ejecting rear wing struck again in his first heat, leading to some speculation that he may have been thinking too far ahead to his wedding night at the end of the week!

A group of 3 drivers all on 117 battles for the last place on the podium, but it was Bruce who eventually took 3rd from Adrian & Chris. The top group of 5 were well clear of the rest this week, and another 6 laps back were John Batich & myself in the next two spots on 111 laps, followed by Dennis (109), Rob Golley (108) & Nick Golley on 105 maintaining his usual high standard even on his infrequent appearances.  Dave Schofield, Dave Gray & Sean Schofield filled the next 3 spots with Mark, Thomas & Peter following.  Rhys had the very unusual experience of being at the bottom of the list this round, due entirely to mechanical problems. Bad luck this time Rhys.

A final special mention must be made of Bruce Thomas & his tireless efforts in marshalling the harbour during a couple of heats.  His speed & efficiency were of such a standard that it were almost as if he was expecting the main car in question to come off almost every lap …….

 I’ll be away next week sadly, but I look forward to hearing the comments from the driver of my two cars.  The results of which promises to be VERY illuminating !






 Top 3:  Phil (Middle), Callan (Right), Bruce (Left)


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