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Racing Summary - Round 6

Racing summary – Stratton Valley (25/2/20)


So……..to the strategy of postponing the visit to Rhys’s track with the idea of protecting the LMP cars from damage……it’s fair to say this didn’t work out quite as well as excepted.  Within the first few heats of the class there seemed to be more spare parts lying around the edges of the track than were actually left attached to some of the vehicles.  Along with the now traditional sight of Callens car (driven by Bruce) losing its rear wing in the first couple of laps, we were also treated to the regular evacuation of parts from the unfortunate rent-a-car of Phils being driven by Peter.  In fact, the carnage was such that it resembled closely a toy that kids of my age in the 70s might have had….if my parents were the type who bought their kids the latest & greatest toy for Christmas every year……which mine weren’t.  But I still remember the ads on TV…..



Co-incidentally, the sound being made by this vehicle almost exactly mirrored the same sound as the Smash Up Derby cars.  I wonder if the job of re-attaching the parts will be contracted out by Phil again, or taken back in house, especially given the fact that last weeks rent-a-car of his was brought back and presented to him all nicely repaired with the missing wing back in place…..albeit back to front. Although, to be fair, with this particular Audi R8 & its paintjob, the whole car could be back to front & there would be very little discernible difference! 

To the racing though, and it was Adrian Gray back to his usual best in this class with a narrow win over Bruce (both on 91 laps), followed by Callen/Bruce (1 lap back on 90) & myself, another 1 lap back (89).  Rob was next on 86, and gained a win in the Golley family feud with 3 good heats ahead of a blindingly quick but slightly more erratic Nick on 84 laps.  Rhys (83), JB (82), and the two Daves (Schofield on 78 & Gray on 76 laps) made up the next group of placings ahead of another unlucky mechanical result for Phil (70) who, for the 2nd time this series, fell victim to a guide/contact issue. 

Phil was well on his way to another round win with two great 31 lap heats before the disaster struck in his 3rd heat.  Obviously, despite the car being labelled a MAZDA, it has inherited none of the MAZDAs famous reliability and has left Phil with his work cut out to claw his way back into the top 3 in the series with only 1 round remaining. Peter Pickering improved as the heats went on (and the car got lighter) to finish on 67 ahead of Tom Males who circulated around steadily on 63.



 Top 3: 1st Adrian Gray (Middle), 2nd - Bruce Thomas (Left), 3rd - Callen Thomas (Right)



Rhys’s (I think) next week & the first appearance of the historic Fly GT cars.

See you there,


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