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Racing Summary - Round 7

Racing summary – Gotham Park (10/3/20)



So, to the LMP round, and where to begin ?......No seriously, I actually have no idea where to begin seeing as I spent most of the LMP heats perched on top of a chair facing away from the main track while marshalling the Bat Florio rally & so having no idea what was going on behind me.  Luckily, from what I gather, for most of my marshalling stint on the chair there was not much going on behind me.  Although I have to say categorically, that there was not one single instance of a track break that caused this delay in proceedings on the Gotham Park circuit…..it looked to be more like 3 or 4 instances.  Interspersed between the track breaks there was some opportunity (albeit limited) for some racing, and this looked to follow previous trends judging on the results. I can only assume all the racing & marshalling was without incident and certainly the top 3 seemed to indicate this.  Phil finished off a frustrating series strongly with a good 1st place on 126 laps, Adrian on 123 was again well clear in 2nd followed by Bruce finishing in the top 3 again with 120.  Phil proxied for Callan and drove well up into 4th (119) and in doing so missed a huge opportunity to make sure Callan dropped a lap here & there to ensure a final series podium for himself !!!  One thing Phil didn’t manage to do though was break the tradition of Callan’s car ditching its rear wing during the heats.

I dropped into the results next in 5th on 115 laps just clear of Rhys on 113.  During my heat it was a great education to experience the latest initiative of Bruce’s designed to keep us all on our toes & to push the boundaries of driving skills.  Making sure that each & every lane has its own individual quirks, and differing voltage around the whole lap, makes for interesting driving.  Having to work out completely different braking points, throttle settings & driving style in every heat is a great way to improve ones overall ability.  Thanks for this Bruce.

The next bracket of results would have appealed to anyone suffering from OCD as they were all grouped together nicely based on name.  Firstly came the Golleys, Rob & Nick in 7th & 8th both on 109 laps, and then in a group of three, the Daves.  Schofield (106), Gray (105) & Bantoft (103) finishing in 9th, 10th & 11th.  Chris was only 1 lap back on 102 & on the same lap, John Batich, in a closely fought battle for 12th which Chris won in the end.  Tom had 4 completed heats to notch up 86 laps, but the two unfortunate drivers of the night were Dennis, whose mechanical faults impacted 1 & a half heats, and Leon who could only managed to finish 1 of the 4 heats this week.  Personally, I thought he might just have been suffering from exhaustion stemming from his epic Bat Florio stage earlier in the night.


Top 3 this week


1st - Phil (center), 2nd - Adrian (right), 3rd- Bruce (left)


Final results & top 3 overall in what has been a wonderfully close run series.  The final result highlighting that perfectly.


 1st - Bruce & Adrian, 3rd - Callan


Finally I have to mention Bruce’s good natured response to some of the ribbing that usually comes his way over the inevitable track breaks a this venue….. supper provisions included a bowl of pre-broken Kit Kats (as shown below)



Although, quite frankly with the amount of breaks we had this week, the Kit Kat supply might have been more appropriate to have been delivered like this…..



Out at Phil’s Shelmore Park track next week for a couple of rally stages & the open slather Historic Sports GT series.

See you there,



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