Hobart Miniature Car Club


Mornington Park - Dave Gray




At first glance it would appear as though this track would be the simplest of all the circuits to drive….clean, straightforward, always immaculate.  However, upon driving it you become very quickly aware that it is not quite as uncomplicated as you may have thought.  From the start you swing right into a very tricky double 90 degree bend that catches most drivers & cars out at one time or another.  Up a short straight and then a tight hairpin that varies greatly in difficulty depending on what lane you happen to be in at the time. The drag up the back straight must also be watched and so must your braking point for the top 180 left hand corner, so that you can carry good momentum round this corner & into the middle elevated section.  A very tricky right-left kink in this sector can catch many drivers out, particularly those on the tightest of the lanes though here, the blue lane. Another 180 degree right hand sweeper brings you onto the start-finish straight….if you’re lucky!

I’ve always found it a track where you can get into a great driving rhythm if you & your car setup are both working well.  It can also have the ability to bite & bite hard if concentration and/or a poor car setup is not at 100%












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