Hobart Miniature Car Club


RevoSlot Series - Round 5

Shelmore Park - 1/6/21

Top 3: 

1st - Dave Gray, 2nd - Phil, 3rd - Callan

Summary of Racing

After rather loooong hiatus, our racing correspondent has returned to provide a jam packed blow by blow description of this week’s RevoSlot round, held at Phil’s shed this week (2/6/21).  The decision to open the batting again on the racing summary this week was really made for me.....there were many, many entertaining incidents to capture our interest from the nights round.

Previous round of the RevoSlot series has followed an all too predictable pattern with the names of Thomas & Thomas locking up 2 out of the top 3 places in each round so far.  The final spot in the top 3 (unallocated to a Thomas), has seen Phils name appear 3 times, with Rhys breaking the pattern after a come from behind performance in last weeks round. Which in the very final heat & the final lap saw him push the writers (myself) car out of 2nd place & down into 4th.....congratulations Rhys.......(the writer mutters with gritted teeth).

Anyway, onto to Round 5, and after standout winning performances in all 4 rounds so far, Callan Thomas outdid himself this week. 

No, really....he did actually outdo himself. Electing to drive for Dave Gray later in the night, in the very last heat he proceeded to beat not only his own car, but also push Phil back into second spot......and preventing Phil from taking that step up onto the top level of the podium.  Another unforseen casualty of Callans excellent proxy drive was Thomas the elder.......the implications of Bruce missing out on a top 3 for the first time in the series will have to be seen down the track.  Still not sure if Callan was walking home after last nights event or not.

So a slightly different looking top 3 of Gray, Kalbfell & C.Thomas headed the results table on 116, 115 & 113 laps respectively. Bruce slotted into 4th on 100. Rhys showed his previous weeks result was not a flash in the pan to grab 5th on 109 laps & looks to have his car working a lot better than in the early rounds. Rob (also on 109) kept his consistency going with 6th place 2 laps ahead of myself in 7th on 107 laps. And just on a related matter, I’m putting forward a nomination for the next series Phil…

Something along these lines perhaps ?

The usual sight of a wingless John Batich was next in line in 8th on 100 laps, with Adrian Gray enduring a horror run on the night down in 9th. Adrian finally decided he had far better things to do than to keep calling out his lane to the Marshalls, and so pulled the pin. He also could have been forgiven if he’d decided to do a Lex Davison at Longford & immediately head in the direction of the nearest bar. Dave Schofield & Chris Priest tied on 94 las, with Dave S taking out to 10th spot ahead of Chris in 11th. Thomas Males rounded out the field on 85 to finish in 12th.