Hobart Miniature Car Club


RevoSlot Series - Round 7

Stratton Valley - 15/6/21

Summary of Racing

Sadly we said goodbye to the Revoslot class for another 2 years as the final round was run & won this week. And to show how far we’ve come in this class in the last 7 weeks I present to you pictures of the top 3 placegetters from the very first round…..followed by the top 3 from the final round….

No, this is not a “spot the difference” competition (although, if you concentrate very hard on the cars you may notice some shedding of items has occurred since round 1 !)

Obviously there have been three standout drivers in this series throughout, with the very occasional guest appearances in the top 3 by a few privileged others, but overall it’s been a race between Callan, Bruce & Phil to fight for the podium positions each week. Most weeks, it’s been Callan, and nothing changed this week either (with 89 laps) proving that the Marcos can be driven both quickly and stay in the slot..…unlike some other Marcos drivers we can think of. Bruce in another consistent performance took 2nd in his Viper on 88 laps with Phil yet again in third place (87) in another Viper. Phil did particularly well in his end result overcoming the handicap of having his car removed from the lane for a brief moment......there is some evidence that this fellow was responsible...

Rob Golley benefited from a solid 3 heats to finish clear in 4th on 85 laps ahead of a gaggle of cars on 84. In 5th Dave Gray was ahead of Rhys on track who in turn grabbed 6th ahead of Adrian Gray in one of the more uncooperative Marcos. One more lap back in 8th place for the night was yours truly…..and after a very good (for me) heat 1, I was feeling thankful that my woes for the evening were all behind me & looked forward to 3 good heats & pushing for that 4th spot on the final points table. But no, the slot car God was not finished with me yet, and promptly humiliated me once more with a multitude of de-slots in heat 2, leading to a multitude of rather nasty words (Sorry Callan) being uttered & me having to write off the round as worst result in the series.

JB was next in line on the same number of laps (83) to finish in 9th ahead of Dave Bantoft on 82 in 10th. Dave was another driver to put together two very solid heats, before ruining it all with a horror run in the 3rd. There is a very hard skill to master in racing I’ve discovered, the ability to recover after having 1 de-slot & not to follow with another 2 or 3 immediately afterwards. Those drivers who manage this are regularly those up towards to the top of the results for the night.

Dave Schofield racked up 78 laps for 11th & Thomas Males had some chassis problems during his run to finish 12th on 66 to end the nights racing.

Top 3

1st - Callan
2nd - Bruce
3rd - Phil

(Are getting sick of seeing this picture yet ?......still more to come)

Final Series Top 3 (edit - Cut - Paste)

1st - Callan
2nd - Bruce
3rd - Phil