Hobart Miniature Car Club


Scalex JGT / GT3 - 2021

Stratton Valley  - 14/9/21

Round 7 - Summary of Racing

The final round of the very closely fought JGT/GT3 series was upon us. One of the things that this series in particular (& the V8 Supercars) highlights, is that the cars don’t have to be the fastest of the classes to bring about some of the best racing. Even for those poor souls among us who don’t drive a McLaren, there was still some great competition to be had through the entire field.

Right up the last few heats of the final round the overall results were still to be decided, particularly the top 3 for the series. And, of course, with so much on the line, this is when the nefarious scheming of some drivers came bubbling to the surface. On face value, Bruces seemingly generous offer of allowing myself to act as a proxy driver for Callans car this round was well received. I happily accepted with the knowledge that as Callan had already wrapped up the series, I would be able enjoy driving one of the form cars (McLaren) in this round as well as my own…….or would I ??? It was during the break between rounds that things started unravelling when Adrian (having done some very quick research) promptly stated that the series was NOT all wrapped up at all. Due to Callans no point score in the last round, the final round (driven by me) would count……and it was only a matter of 3 points difference back to Phil in 2nd. Oh great.

Nothing enjoyable about the drive now, in fact all I was concentrating on doing while driving Callans car was not making a complete hash of it & stay on as much as possible to keep close enough to Phil & not lose the series ! Luckily the car was very good, and even with my very careful navigation, it was fast enough to finish 4th. And with both Adrian & Bruce knocking Phil back to 3rd, my proxy drive had not been a complete disaster & Callans series win was assured. Excellent, good show all round.

However……………once the round results were in & the overall series points added up………..it slowly dawned on me exactly what had taken place. As I had started the last round with my own car in 3rd place in the series, all I needed to do was to finish within 2 places of Bruce in this round to finish top 3. Shouldn’t be a problem I thought, after all, I’d managed to do this in every round so far…….What I hadn’t accounted for was the sheer evil genius of the long range plan implemented by Bruce this week. Using my own driving against me, and asking me to proxy Callans car not only ensured that he himself finished a spot higher on the night than if Callan been there……but he also knew that as the car was so good, it was a given that even with me driving it…it would beat my own car. Which, of course, it did, thus dropping my car down to 5th & finishing 3 places behind Bruce & losing 3rd overall by 1 point.

A plot worthy of Dick Dastardly, & to say that I never saw it coming is an understatement.

Anyway, to sum up.

In 1st this week on 81 laps was Adrian, showing that this car really should have been up there in the top 3 anyway. In 2nd this week…..Dick Dastardly on 80, just pipping Phil also finishing on 80 laps. A result that also meant I most humbly regret my action of knocking Phil off at one stage…..an action that came back to haunt me. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to knock Bruce off. Callans Car obviously finished in 4th on 78 laps, one lap ahead of my own car on 77…..I think I’ve said all I want to say about that.

Dave Bantoft drove a well controlled race to grap 6th on 75 laps, just ahead of a couple of drivers on 74. Rob in 7th & JB in 8th with his big Bentley working better each week….just in time for end of the series John ! Dave Schofield & Chris Priest finished 9th & 10th on 71 laps & Dave Gray 11th on 70. Rhys finished on the interesting number of 68 laps to slot into 12th with Thomas Males (64) in 13th & Leigh Stephens (61) in 14th for the night.

Top 3

1st – Adrian

2nd – Bruce

3rd - Phil

Overall Series Top 3

1st - Callan

2nd - Phil

3rd - Bruce......no comment