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Shelmore Park - Phils

 Circuit Track:



A lovely, undulating, flowing track that can bring great rewards when driven well……..and great frustration & disappointment when things do not go so well.

From the start, in front of the well-presented pit buildings & starters box, the short start straight leads to a flowing right hander that can be taken quite quickly, even by the inside lanes with care. Over the bridge then a quick Flick right & then left to a 180 degree left hand corner that leads you onto the main straight.  This corner, when taken well, will set you up for the run down the straight, and almost the entire 2nd half of the lap. Getting too much power on too early out of this corner, before your car has straightened up, will most likely (in some of the lower cars) result in a complete de-slot coming down the hill and barreling straight ahead at the end of the straight. If you’re lucky one of the more attentive marshals will be working on this corner and will have you back on the track in no time. If you’re unlucky you’ll take out another 2 or 3 cars at the same time, resulting in major chaos, major pandemonium among the marshals, cars put back on wrong lanes, huge delays for drivers & also invoke the extreme ire of the majority of your fellow drivers.  This is to be avoided at all cost.

If you survive the straight, the left hander at the end is one of the most important corners to get right, and getting through while still carrying momentum is a must for completing a good lap. There is nothing to be gained from coming down the hill into the next hairpin too fast. Modeled on the Station hairpin at Monaco, getting around smoothly is the goal, and don’t be too keen to jump on the throttle out of it either………as the right handed “harbour” corner awaits the unwary. Many a wet car is fished out of the outside of this corner, usually drivers striving to get around and have one last blast to get under the Dunlop Bridge lap counter, and register that one extra lap! After Dunlop it’s a nice, fast right hand sweeper onto the start-finish straight again for the end of a great lap!



Rally Stage:




Hillclimb Stage:





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