Hobart Miniature Car Club


Single Seat Cam-Am 2021

Morninton Park 21/9/21

Round 1 - Summary of Racing

Dave Bantoft scores ANOTHER WIN !....

DBs ability to jump from a winning saloon car (V8) straight into the Can-Am car & also dominate the round, displayed a talent only the very few top flight drivers could do in the real (1:1) racing world. Eerily many of those elite talents in that regard also share the same initial for their first name.

And so Dave gets added to the list of great all-round drivers alongside the likes of Denny & Dan, Well done DB, & we look forward to continued dominance in the rest of the series. Looks like a series win coming up.

Top 3

1st - Dave Bantoft

2nd - Phil Kalbfell

3rd = Rob Golley