Hobart Miniature Car Club


Slot-It DTM Series

Round 1 - Mornington Park - 8/6/21

Summary of Racing

The first round of a new series always generates some level of expectation, and so it was the case with the first round of the Slot-it DTM cars. No effort was spared to ensure a successful first round of the series either. With a recently highlighted marshalling debacle still fresh in the memory, it was decided to fly in a couple of professionals to up the overall standard for this weeks opening round at Dave Grays Mornington track……..

So…onto the racing. In the leadup while testing for this series, there have some well vocalised concerns over the DTM cars as being; rattly, ill handing, gutless, tippy, slidey monstrosities with tyres resembling garden hose rubber. Well….thankfully, once we finally saw them on track we can happily report that most of these described traits were completely accurate.

However….some of our car prep magicians even managed to work their black arts on these cars, and overall the racing was very close throughout the field. Which is, after all, what we hope for in every series.

Of course, there was the usual suspect who didn’t want to play with the rest of us, and was a clear 3 laps ahead to take a very strong win this week. Adrian Gray finished on 123 laps for the round in his multi-coloured Alfa, well ahead of both Phil & Bruce on 120 (in the monotone Alfas), and who couldn’t be separated for 2nd & 3rd so closely did they finish. Rhys looks to have sorted his Merc 190E very nicely, and ran a strong round for 4th on 119, 1 lap to the good of Rob Golley (118) in the first of the Opals….which were “supposed” to be the stand out cars of the field ! a trio of drivers then finished on 117, with Callan taking a clear 6th ahead of both JB & myself who again couldn’t be separated and shared 7th place. 

Dave Schofield & Dave Gray (in the 2nd Merc 190E) made up the top 10 in 9th & 10th on 110 laps each. Dave number 3 (Bantoft) had some damage difficulties in his Alfa, which curtailed his round slightly and he finished on 104 laps in 11th with Thomas Males in another Alfa with a front breakage issue, in 12th for the night.

Top 3

1st Adrian

2nd Phil & Bruce (equal)