Hobart Miniature Car Club


Slot-It DTM Series

Round 2 - Stratton Valley - 15/6/21

Summary of Racing

The 2nd round of the new DTM series moved to the Stratton Valley track of John Batich, a layout that would certainly fully challenge the handling of these cars.

So it was with anticipation that the racing got underway for the night, and the first few rotations went very smoothly with some very encouraging clear heats by the early drivers. Sadly though, this was all brought to a halt by Dave Bantoft who at this point suddenly decided that he’d like to participate in the round himself, and pointed out (rather pedantically) that his name was missing from the driver list.

And so…just to accommodate him, the entire round had to be re-started after his name was entered in the system. Notably the fellow entering his name in the system, was not the same person responsible for leaving his name out of it in the first place. This individual (who shall not be named) was last seen handing in his IT qualifications and looking for a job more in keeping with his level of competence. Working on this sort of computer technology might be more appropriate in the future perhaps…..

Anyway, the round restarted (with DB included) and luckily the restart didn’t seem to have too much impact on the early drivers, most of whom drove just as well as they had in their aborted heats. Well, apart from the aforementioned person responsible for this stuff up in the first place. In a classic case of punishment by the Slot Car God, this driver also dropped a lap in the restarted heat which would prove very costly in the overall results for the round. However, this would not be the end of the humiliation for him this evening….more on that later.

To the results, and for a class with such poor tyres, and sluggish performance the racing seems to be incredibly close, and so it proved again this week. The top 4 were all on the same lap, and it was less than a meter or two that decided 1st from the other placegetters. In 1st place on 81 laps was Phil (Alfa), very closely followed by Callan (Alfa) on 81 laps in 2nd & Bruce (Alfa) on 81 laps again very close behind in 3rd. Rhys (on 81 laps…get the picture yet) a very unlucky 4th in the first non-Alfa, his nicely developed Mercedes 190E. At one stage it was highly likely that Alfas would fill the first 4 spots in the order, however Adrian Gray fell foul of a most typical Alfa problem (electrics) during his final heat to sadly drop down the order. In 5th & 6th spot & only 1 lap back on 80 were John Batich & Dave Bantoft. DB taking full advantage of actually being allowed to drive. 1 lap back again on 79 was Rob Golley in 7th, 1 lap ahead of the fellow responsible for the shambles at the beginning on 78 laps in 8th (yes, it was me OK!)

The other two Daves, Schofield & Gray put together good consistent runs as well to finish in the top 10 in 9th & 10 on 75 laps, with Tomas Males also performing solidly in 11th & a 72 lap total. As mentioned earlier, Adrians electrical problem saw his brilliant start (2x28 laps) come to naught in the end & he sadly finished in 12th on 60 laps. Probably the last time we’ll see him down this end of the field…….although with Italian electrics, you never know. So, in the end the top 10 places were covered by 6 laps & the top 8 by only 3, which shows what a competitive class this is….despite the multitude of problems with the model !

Top 3

1st - Phil

2nd - Callan

3rd - Bruce