Hobart Miniature Car Club


Slot-It DTM Series

Round 4 - Summary of Racing

Mornington Park  - 29/6/21

The 4th round of DTM cars was at Dave Grays Mornington Park this week and from week to week we can see that these cars are slowly improving with every round. No doubt in another couple of week they’ll all be spot on ….just in time for Round 7.

The evening got off to an unusual start this week, the now traditional practice of leaving Dave Bantoft out of the driver list was avoided and incredibly all drivers present were entered at the time racing commenced.

In the first heat of the evening we also welcomed the participation of “newcomer” Leigh Stephens, who had lovingly unboxed his brand new shiny red Alfa just moments before, and was looking forward to getting it on the track & seeing what it could do. This enthusiasm lasted all of about half a corner on the first lap, as he was brought back to earth with a thud….and a crash that immediately removed his rear spoiler, possibly setting a record for the quickest damage inflicted on a brand new car in the clubs racing history. Not to be dismayed however, he quickly got back into the heat & showed his past experience with a good run from then on.

In the overall racing, it was quite close again as usual. Even Adrian Grays rocket like Alfa ended up “only” 2 laps clear of the rest of the field to take out the round win on 121 laps total. Phil, in second place, logged 119 laps & was just 1 lap clear of a very close battle for third between Rhys (on 118 laps) & Mal (on 118 laps). In the end this final podium position was decided by being undecided and as both cars finished at exactly the same spot on the track, a shared third place was awarded. 2 laps back, Rob Golley put together a good set of heats & ended up 5th on 116, with Dave Bantoft 6th on 113 & JB in 7th on 112. Two Daves (Gray & Schofield ended up on 111 laps, with Dave Gray taking the position (8th) from Dave Schofield in 9th. A very consistant drive from Thomas Males saw him grab a spot in the top 10 with 106 laps, 5 laps clear of Chris Priest in his first run with his DTM car for this series, Chris finished in 11th & finally, rounding out the heat results, Leigh Stephens who recovered well from his first corner incident to show good form to rack up 95 laps.

Top 3

1st - Adrian

2nd - Phil

3rd - Rhys & Mal