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  1. Scalextric TV / Movie / Cartoon car series

- Stock Standard Scalextric cars with a specific a Movie / TV / Cartoon theme. Cars to be allocated based on a handicap system !

So, with another few new upcoming models available from Scaley in the 2022 releases, we felt it was time to revisit this as a proposed series. And in a slight twist on the usual random allocation of cars, we felt that this particualr series, with its "wide range" of car styles & "performance" warranted a different approach.

Given there is also (usually) a wide range of driver abilities on show each week, we feel as though the cars we could run in this series should be specifically allocated to each driver..........what are we talking about ?  See below for the suggested cars & driver matchups !

Car - KITT, The Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Description - Basically a stock standard Trans-Am with the addition of a red strobe light at the front. Which shouldn't affect the aero too much. Probably the easiest of the vehicles to run in standard trim, with only tyre true-ing & treatment allowed.

Allocation - Any driver who has NEVER won a series.......or in fact a Round of a Series will be allocated KITT.

Car - Bond Lotus Esprit from "For your eyes only"

Description - Almost a stock standard Lotus Esprit, although did this one have any gadgets installed by Q ? Can't remember...anyway, the forward facing skis on the roof will offer some degree of wind resistance but again it should be a reasonably simple car to get running to a competitive standard

Allocation - Drivers who are in the bottom 3rd of the placings week in week out.

Car - Batmobile, 1966

Description - A complete fantasy car although based on the Lincoln Futura 1957 concept, it actually looks like it may make a half reasonable performer given some tyre treatment & a bit of weight. 

Allocation - Although I'm certain that Bruce would be very quick to put his hand up for this one, the notable omission of a model Robin alongside Batman means that the opportunity to have Robin (Golley) driving the car would be too hard to resist !

Car - DMC DeLorean, 1981-82

Description - Heavily modified from the standard road going model, with addition of a Flux Capacitor for time travel. This may be a very useful option for some drivers, many of who have wished they could travel back in time a lap or so to avoid mishaps such as de-slots....or horrific Marshalling

Allocation - The middle of the pack drivers should be considered for these, I'm sure that with a bit of work they could be come a front runner.

Car - 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Spec

Description - The Dodge Monaco with the police spec 440 V8 was specifically chosen by Elwood for being the hottest police car in America. The additional roof mounted loudspeaker is non removable (it is tied down !)

Allocation - There is only 1 pair of drivers that this car could be considered for, real life cop Callan, and US muscle car fan Bruce are the ideal candidates. Their high driving skill would also be tested by the high rooftop speaker & hopefully bring them back to the pack a little. The speaker, if hooked up, would also be ideal for projecting Bruce's usual quiet voice to the marshalls, who often have trouble hearing his humble utterings of......HOLY F***K....BLUE !!!

Car - VW Type 2 Panel Van - 1950

Description - With its narrow tyres & high centre of gravity the VW van represents everything that a good slot car isn't.

Allocation - If there is one person who can get the most out of any design of car it is JB. This then would be his greatest challenge. No doubt he would throw himself into this project with all his skill & patience to try to turn this beast into something resembling a slot car.

Car - Reliant Regal Van, 1969

Description - It has always been a matter of discussion as the whether the slot car should rest on the front two wheels, or entirely on the slot guide itself. This car removes all doubt by removing the front 2 wheel layout completely ! It may be that the front wheels are irrelevent, however, it's not something I'd want to test on that first sharp hairpin !

Allocation - And so to the last two car & driver combinations. It was a bit of a tossup, however I'm certain that Phil would love to rise to the challenge of tweaking & driving this little beauty.

Car - Leyland Mini 1000 MkII, 1976 

Description - Driven by Mr Bean while sitting in the attached rooftop armchair. This car in standard config might well be quite a nice runner, however the extremely top heavy weight distribution, as well as the zero magnetic effect in our series will make this a very difficult car to pilot & customise.

Allocation - There really was only 1 driver that could be paired to this car. Even Adrian Gray might have some trouble posting a winning lap score with this & Dave Gray (as car builder) would have significant challenges with his preparation to get this to a standard of handling that would meet with Adrians approval. I also look forward to the result the first time Adrian attempts to drive this under each of the crossovers on the respective tracks !

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