Hobart Miniature Car Club


Scalex V8 Supercars - 2021

Stratton Valley 17/8/21

Round 1 - Summary of Racing

It’s always good to look forward to a new series starting.

  • There’s the expectation of the new cars providing different (better!) results for the driver than the recently completed series.
  • There’s the hope that comes with starting on a level playing field with every other driver again.
  • And there’s the promise of a bit of variety in the field, something different to the same old group of cars that has been circulating for the last 7 weeks.

So……..in reality, it probably took the first few laps of each drivers first heat to completely dash the hopes & dreams of most drivers in the field…….and for those hoping for a bit of variety…..well, apart from very few obvious exceptions, the new series name is mooted to be “Scalex Fords with near identical blue based liveries” At least this series has the potential to provide much in the way of Marshalling excitement…….and nominations for the Marshalling award.

To the racing…..and it was the home track hero John Batich who took the honours this week with a total of 76 laps in the unique Blue Torini liveried Ford, 1 lap to the good of Phil Kalbfell in 2nd place on 75 laps. Phil, in a completely radical move, had painted his car in the colours of a certain Swedish car manufacturer to stand out from the crowd in more ways than one…not sure this will catch on. 3rd place went to Rob Golley on 74 laps in the standout colours of the Blue Torini Ford. In 4th place, and only on track position, was Adrian Gray in the distinctive Blue Torini Ford also on 74 laps (although it is slightly possible he MAY have had a lap missed due to an unfortunate de-slot just before the sensors……and being put back on track after them) . 1 lap further back again in 5th was myself in the rarely seen Blue L&H Ford livery, with Rhys Filbee another 3 laps back in 6th (70 laps) in the distinctive Blue L&H Ford.

Slotting into 7th on 69 laps, after the disadvantage of a late arrival, was Callan Thomas in the quite uncommon livery of the Blue L&H Ford. Callan had 4 laps to spare over the next driver in 8th position, Dave Gray, who drove the scarcely sighted Blue Torini Ford consistently well to rack up 65 laps. In an utter bolt from the blue, the car up in 9th place this week, was not only not Blue, but not even a Ford ! Leigh Stephens showed complete disregard for the traditional model of runner , and showed up in his RED & WHITE COMMODORE !!!!. His total of 64 laps however, was a very good showing & showed that his improvement continues every week. Thomas Males, in another radial entry, the sort of but not really Blue Pepsi Max Ford notched up 59 laps to finish in the top 10. Down in 11th position, after many, many problems on the night was Bruce Thomas on 31 laps. However, one feels that Bruce may have contributed to his own downfall somewhat…..his extreme decision to push the boundaries of convention & run with a white, yes white retro ANZ livery at the expense of other minor things…..such as car setup, may have had a slight negative effect on the cars performance on the night. At least it provided a welcome contrasting sight on the grid Bruce.

Top 3

1st - John Batich

2nd - Phil Kalbfell

3rd = Rob Golley