Hobart Miniature Car Club


Scalex V8 Supercars - 2021

Shelmore Park - 24/8/21

Round 2 - Summary of Racing

The more things change, the more they remain the same….well usually anyway. No matter what new series we have run recently, there seems to be a few constants…. Specifically the names Callan, Phil, Bruce and Adrian appearing at the top of the results sheet on a weekly basis. Callan has been particularly persistent & has us all wondering when his next evening shift might be !!! However, the first couple of rounds of the V8 Supercars has thrown up a couple of less common names in the top 3. The first round threw up the names of Golley & Batich for a change, and even more shocks were in store for us in Round 2. Despite clearly stating his dislike of these cars to all and sundry, and playing down his chances to anyone who’d listen, top spot on the podium this week went to Dave Bantoft! In a perfectly driven group of heats, his consistency was rewarded with an almost perfect total of 99 laps (couldn’t squeak just one more Dave ??) to finish 2 laps clear of the rest of the field. The writer saw first hand his determined focus this week, as for lap after lap in 1 heat I managed to keep alongside hoping to put just a little bit of pressure on…..but DB was unflappable, and eventually the challenge of yours truly came to a watery end in the Harbour while Dave carried along on his merry way dealing with all comers in the same manner. Well done Dave. A more common top 3 name appeared in 2nd spot this week as Adrian Gray overcame a poor result in lane 1 to grab 2nd spot on 97 laps, with myself (on the same number of laps) well beaten into 3rd by track position.

John Batich went from 1st to 4th this week, but still produced a good range of heats to rack up 96 laps, 2 clear of Callan Thomas who found himself in very unfamiliar waters down there in 5th on 94 laps. Rob Golley (3rd in round 1 to 6th this week) finished on a 92 lap total, 2 laps to the good of Rhys in 7th on 90. 2 drivers finished together on 89 laps with Chris Priest grabbing 8th position from Dave Schofield in 9th. Phil obviously decided to allow some of the lesser lights enjoy their moments in the sun this week & his Lane 2 total of 11 laps did not help his cause at all, eventually finishing 10th on 87. The Volvo liveried car obviously decided to take on the character of a typical Volvo Sunday Driver and got progressively slower & slower during this heat…..possibly not helped by the fact that his driver sat well down in the seat peering just over the dash in typical little old man Sunday driver pose. All that was missing was the trilby hat.

Dave Gray grabbed 11th spot this week on 84 laps from a vastly improved Bruce Thomas who rocketed up the results by 1 spot this week to finish 12th on 81. Thomas Males showed good pace during his heats as well & finally finished 13th on 79 laps.

Top 3

1st - Dave Bantoft

2nd - Adrian Gray

3rd - Mal O'May