Hobart Miniature Car Club


Scalex V8 Supercars - 2021

Shelmore Park - 7/9/21

Round 4 - Summary of Racing

A very controversial round of V8 Supercars this week has seen the finalising of official results postponed so far. And as this report is prepared largely using the results as a guide……we shall have to postpone this as well. All that is known so far is that the top 4 consists of (in some order) Phil, JB, Mal & Adrian. The order is yet to be determined, although it seems highly likely that Phil will inherit position #1 after all is said & done. So, until further detail is at hand about all this report can say for certain is this: 

In tonights racing the following people showed up – Phil Kalbfell, Adrian Gray, John Batich, Dave Gray, Rob Golley, Rhys Filbee, Bruce Thomas, Thomas Males, Leigh Stephens, Dave Bantoft, Chris Priest & Mal O’May. The all drove their V8 supercars in 4 heats and did a certain number of laps. Some of them came off & they were put back on……sometimes quickly, sometimes not. This inevitably lead to some jovial banter between the driver & the marshall in question. Some of the drivers had faster laps than others & some even managed to have their laps not counted correctly…..thus leading to all the problems summarised in the first couple of sentences……..

To be continued......

Top 3

1st - Phil Kalbfell

2nd - John Batich/Adrian Gray (maybe)

3rd - John Batich/Adrian Gray/Mal      O'May (possibly)